Karuta practice Dec 27, Hakama Biraki Jan 2

Dec 27 (Sat)  14:30~17:00
Kyogi Karuta practice  Grade 3~adults.
Beginners are welcomed.
(Grade 2 and under should be accompanied with a guardian.)
participation fee $10

January 2 (Fri)
Hakama Biraki   13:00-17:00
This is not the Kyogi Karuta practice. The first Karuta of the year is called Hakama Biraki.  We will play fun games such as Relay Karuta, Genpei sen with 200-300 cards,, Obosan Mekuri (Pick up priest), Reciting Bee etc.
Small kids are welcomed, too.
Let’s have a fun!
participation fee $10

Venue  Falls Church (Please email me  if you need to know the exact address)


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