First US Karuta competition (Genpei-sen) RESULT


Date Dec 21, 2014 (Sun)

Venue  Tysons Pimmit Regional Library


Matsu (Pine) Division (4 teams)

1st place  Leo Murphy & Thalia Kowalzik (Charlottesville Karuta Society)

2nd place Kei & Yurika Karbowski (Team Karbowski)

Take (Bamboo) Divsion (6 teams)

1st place Natalia Rincon & Karis Lim (Team 5)

2nd place Hajime Takizawa & Paul Kollmer-Dorsey (Team OJISAN)

3rd place Jon Lawless & Ariana Johnson (Team X KARUTA)

Ume (Plum) Division (6 teams)

1st place Eimi &  Yuko Takakusaki (Ei-Yu team)

2nd place Kai & Mei & Miyuki Iijima (Black Hole)

3rd place Misato & Kumi Kasumi (Kasumi Gumi)


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