Club Match will be on May 26th (Memorial Day ) 1:00-5:30

Previously the next club match was  planned on 18th May, but many people cannot attend, so I will change the date to May 26th, Memorial Day holiday.  Sorry for the people who had planned to attend on 18th.
(No practice on 18th. Monday regular practice will be held on 19th)

Club Match on May 26 (Mon. Memorial Day)   1:00~5:30 PM
  D+ class (previous D class winners)
  D class
  E class
  F class (beginners)

Beginners will be welcomed, too.
Eligibility for participation
1) can read Hiragana
2) can behave well and follow the rules
3) Small children who cannot behave well must be accompanied by chaperons.

2nd Club Match result: (April 27, 2014)
D class
1st Aaron
2nd  Manayo

E class
1st   Anna
2nd Quinn

D class
1st Dorothy
2nd Yuna


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