May 8 PM Karuta at China Foreign Affairs University 中国 外交学院でかるた紹介

  1. ポスター1ポスター2会場学生スタッフメンバー李政奕さん作成ポスター栞おもて栞うら栞 かささぎ
    Two of Beijing Queqiao Karuta Club (北京鵲橋かるた会)are the students of this university located in north west of Beijing.

    Posters were designed and made by one of the member, Ms. Li Zhengyi (李政奕). They gave me a specially made bookmark. The front has a picture of Magpie (kasasagi) and the back has the poem of

    “Kasasagino Wataseruhashini Okushimono Shirokiwomireba Yozofukenikeru”.

    Karuta workshop was great. Four winners of Chirashidori attened  tornemnets to decide 1st to 4th position.



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