March 29 Club Match D~G class

March 29 Club Match D~G class

DC Inishie Karuta Club will have a club match on March 29th. This is a semi-official match in a tournament style as almost all Karuta matches in Japan are held in tournament style. It means if you loose one game, you will be wiped out. However, this time is a semi-official match, so even if you loose the first match, you can practice in the rest of the day.

You can sign up in the following level:

1) D-class –you can remember most of 50 cards position and can take some cards very fast.

2) E-class –you remember almost all of 100 cards’ Kimari-ji, can arrange 25 cards in your area with your Tei-ichi, and can take most of the cards during Kamino-ku.

3) F-class–you haven’t remember 100 Kimari-ji yet, but know about 50 cards or more, and know the rules.

4) G-class—You know only few cards’ Kimari-ji but like to play Karuta (In this division, you play Gempei-sen, a group match.)

Sign up Here: (こちらからお申込みください)

DATE: 3/29/2014 (Sat 1:00AM – 6:00AM)
Fee $10/person



Illustration: ©Yoshimasa Kobayashi


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