How to buy Pick Up Priest card game set


Obosan Mekuri, or PIck Up Priests was invented by Ms. Michiko Imamura, the16th ~19th Quinn title holder of Kyogi Karuta.

The game was very popular at the JICC event on January 22nd. In fact, it is very exciting!

The card set is the same as Yomi-fuda set (cards for readers) of Kyogi Karuta, with one additional card, “Tengu” as the luckiest card.You can buy the card set in Japan from RokuRoku Shokai

(Without Tengu card, you can use the rest 100 cards as Yomi-fuda of Kyogi Karuta.

If you are in the US and want to buy, please email me. (I have 2 new sets.) (Please change AT to @)




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